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OK! So THIS is what around 20 million people in Japan watched on TV one sunday in the beginning of june!! I get in around 04:00 but why not watch the whole thing? By the way, some days ago I found out that Imoto (program leader of this TV show) has her own Nintendo DS game, how fat isn’t that?! JAPAN!

Did I post this already?! I LOVE the sun. without the sun there wouldnät be any you or me or anything actually. Look how it does it’s best to light up the day for me and everyone else on the street that day, must been autumn or early winter = the best time of year for the STREET.


My wonderful journey is on the road and on the radio everyday right now, check out Gräddhyllan i P3 and be sure to buy a plastic kitchen radio from the 90’s for the best sound available!

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Old Flanderz goes global again - this time on Spanish TV! It’s in the beginning of da clip. Me llamo Andrés Flandrez y me gusta helado, soy de Suecia y toco veinte y quatro instrumentos toda la hora! Tengo que escribir en Español porque estoy en el television de España, español & Andr*es Flandrez = mas o menos bueno. Pero en año 1999, mi español es fantastico! Hablo hablo hablo. Hasta luego amigos adios, adios, vamos a la playa.